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Put Life Into Your Investment Portfolio

Life Settlements

Originally designed for institutional investors, the Life Settlement market is now open to individual investors in Louisiana through Louisiana Life Equity. The benefit of this investment class is that it has no correlation to stock or financial markets, oil prices, or interest rates.  Investing in Fractional Life Settlements can offer outstanding returns, while minimizing risk.

When economic historians look back at the financial crisis of 2007-2009 they will see all the main asset classes - equities, bonds and even cash in the form of funds - nose-diving together, undermining the long-held mantra that diversification is a form of risk control.

The Merlin Stone Report
                                                     August 2010


• Life settlements have performed well against other equity indexes and bonds.
•  Having a proportion of your assets in life settlements, which have no correlation to other assets and markets, can reduce the overall volatility of your portfolio.

The Average IRR across the
10 year study was 12.9%

Life Settlements Are Good for Consumers  

Study by Professor Narayan Naik
London Business School 2013



Our Goal

We believe our investors are looking for innovative investment solutions that maximize their investment return, but at the same time help protect their wealth.  Our Fractionalized Life Settlements offer a risk-managed investment, which will help investors secure their financial needs.


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